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People spend about 90% of their lives inside buildings. Hence buildings’ indoor air quality is an important indicator for a healthy ambiance, where good ventilation and fresh air are critical. In practice, fresh air supply is controlled by temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. However, the supplied air contains fine particles, allergens and volatile organic compounds, failing to meet optimum air quality standards. In addition, many materials and different devices present inside the buildings release harmful substances.

ENS Europe reduces the concentration levels of harmful substances inside your building, achieving a healthy indoor air. Our technology can be integrated into existing central ventilation and HVAC systems from commercial centers to residential buildings or offices, resulting in the highest energy efficiency level available in the market with the lowest maintenance cost. ENS Europe’s technology can also be used for local, high-quality cleaning when circumstances require it.

Mechanical air supply
With ENS Europe’s technology living, working, studying, training, socializing and other human activities in a healthy indoor climate are possible. Our technology covers a wide range of airflow capacities, bringing a solution for any building application. Any controlled ventilation system or any other form of mechanical air supply can benefit from our products. One example being the Aufero integration into the ducts of a HVAC installation. Thanks to its lack of pressure loss, no additional measures are needed to maintain the airflow. As a result ENS Europe offers an energy efficient alternative to conventional filtering techniques that are used in schools, offices and homes today.

Recirculation unit
Even in environments where extra protection is needed, ENS Europe can help. Our systems can be used as a recirculation unit, meaning indoor air’s continuous cleaning. This treats indoor air several times, reducing the number of harmful particles, such as (ultra) fine dust, soot, pollen and other allergens, to virtually zero. For other heavily used areas, such as schools, universities, museums and offices, systems are available with different sizes. For common chamber dimensions, we developed the Merlin, a stylish device which will purify your air and will decorate your home.