Civil Infrastructure

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Road traffic is a major source of particle matter, soot and other types of airborne pollution. Particles released by incomplete fuel combustion, tire and brake wear, are mostly smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2,5). Such particle size are the most dangerous to human health as they do penetrate deep into the human tissue.

Polluted emissions from road and sea transport represent a significant contribution to air pollution. Areas subdued to heavy traffic suffer from the largest concentration of pollution. With ENS Europe’s technology, it is possible to capture this pollution before it spreads across the (urban) environment.

Our systems can be adapted and integrated into large-scale civil infrastructure projects. Depending on the application, high efficiency on dust suppression can be achieved. Additional advantages are that maintenance costs and energy consumption are both the lowest in the market. This delivers reduced operating costs in the integration of a robust and durable solution that meets EMAT criteria.

Recent applications of ENS Europe’s innovative technology include the Smog Free Project from Studio Roosegaarde at Rotterdam city.

Infrastructures such as tunnels, bus central stations and other busy (covered) traffic junctions are characterized with a high vehicle density and offer the opportunity to tackle its pollution at the source. By applying ENS Europe’s technology on these infrastructure with an open connection to the outdoor air, it will even be possible to clean the outdoor air at times of low-traffic.

Parking Garages
ENS Europe launched the Aufero-P model. This model cleans the contaminated indoor air in parking garages as well as the air that is sucked in from outside. Existing and future parking garages will receive a secondary function by becoming an air purifier for urban areas.

Recreational Areas
ENS Europe already purifies outdoor air at recreational areas, such as public parks or terraces, by clustering a set of Aufero modules capturing fine dust. This solution creates a beacon of clean air in the middle of, often polluted, urban environments. With the technology of ENS Europe, people will be able to spend their free time in a healthy environment.