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Air quality is one of the most important criteria for a healthy indoor climate. By ventilating a home, humidity and COlevels are maintained. However, this “fresh” and cool air contains harmful particles such as fine dust, pollen and allergens and is anything but clean. With ENS Europe’s technology, which captures ultrafine particles, you can enjoy truly clean air inside your home.

Your first line of defence
For family homes’ indoor air quality, ENS Europe developed the Merlin. A stylish wall mounted device that protects your family members at home main chambers, such as living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens. The Merlin unit purifies air by removing harmful fine and ultrafine dust. All dust captured inside the Merlin is transformed into coarse dust, blocking its original airborne feature and capacity to be inhaled. Moreover, the Merlin’s simple maintenance, wiping its internal surfaces with a dry cloth, ensures optimum cleaning efficiency.

Allergies and respiratory diseases
Clean air is healthy for everyone. However, in some situations the level of air quality must meet higher requirements, for example when people are suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD. In these cases, the Merlin is best suited. This system reduces the level of airborne harmful particles such as fine dust, allergens and pathogens to almost zero. So you can breathe with confidence in your own home.