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Hygiene on food production destined to humans and livestock is an important factor. Ensuring clean indoor air through the production line, free from fine dust, germs and bacteria, will guaranty high quality products and will optimize your production.ENS Europe offers several solutions that can capture fine dust and undesired particles that may adversely affect your production. Our technology is reliable, energy efficient, with minimal maintenance requirements and adaptable to a wide range of air volumes. Our system can be integrated into existing ventilation networks, as well as stand-alone air recycling units.

Feed and pet food production
For the feed and pet food production plants, we developed the Titan range. This system removes any process generated airborne dust and thereby reducing your emissions. The Titan system, coupled with additional options, can reduce coarse dust, fine dust and odor emissions from large volumes of air. The Titan system can be integrated into an existing ventilation outlet for particle matter and achieve reduction rates higher than 95%.

Intensive livestock farming
ENS Europe’s technology has multiple applications in the agricultural sector. Air quality in the intensive livestock farming is a very important parameter for general cleanliness inside and outside of the stables. With ENS Europe it is possible to reach a clean stable environment for humans and livestock. The Titan and Aufero systems can collect airborne fine dust, as well as germs. It is also possible to use our technology to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

For the horticultural sector, ENS Europe offers the possibility to extract airborne fine dust, mould and bacteria, allowing optimal plant growth conditions. By implementing the Aufero model as an indoor air recirculation unit, you will remove such airborne particles without affecting the valuable air temperature.