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Clean air and a good indoor climate are important conditions for an optimal living and recovery environment. Florence Nightingale’s discovery on the healing effect of fresh air has been of great significance for healthcare. But as modern society’s outdoor air is contaminated, opening a window will not improve indoor air quality automatically.

ENS Europe offers a solution. With our technology, it is possible to capture and eliminate fine and ultrafine airborne particles, such as allergens, viruses and bacteria.


Additional protection
ENS Europe’s technology provides a solution in situations where additional protection is required, such as people with respiratory problems or allergies. Our systems can be used as a recirculation unit, wherein the indoor air is fully cleaned continuously. Because the air is treated several times, the number of harmful particles, such as fine and ultrafine dust, allergens and pathogens is reduced to virtually zero. The Merlin model is one good example. This compact, stylish device delivers clean air with the highest energy efficiency and lowest maintenance cost in the market.

ENS Europe’s product range covers a wide range of airflow capacities, so that a solution is available for any building application. Any controlled ventilation system or any other form of mechanical air supply can benefit from our products. One example being the Aufero integration into the ducts of a HVAC installation. Thanks to its lack of pressure loss, no additional investment is needed to maintain the airflow. As a result ENS Europe offers an energy efficient alternative to conventional filtering techniques that are used in nursing homes and hospitals.