Hospitality Industry

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People want to enjoy their leisure time without any worries, therefore they spend it in a pleasant and healthy environment. Because town centers do not always offer such environment, such leisure time is spend somewhere else.

ENS Europe can change that. Our technology quietly delivers clean air, creating healthy and gentle surroundings for recreation activities. Your business can respond to people’s expectations, becoming the distinctive factor that places your business above the competition.


Mechanical air supply
Our technology covers a wide range of airflows, bringing  a solution for any hospitality activity. Where there is balanced ventilation or any other form of mechanical air supply, it is possible to integrate a product such as the Aufero along the ducts of a HVAC installation. Thanks to its lack of pressure loss, no additional measures are needed to maintain the airflow. As a result ENS Europe offers an energy efficient alternative to conventional filtering techniques that are used in hotels, restaurants and other public locations. Even in situations with a pollution source, such as a kitchen or a place where smoking is allowed, the ENS technology provides a solution to actively retrieve the air where the contamination is located.

Recirculation unit
ENS Europe’s systems can be used as a recirculation unit, meaning the indoor air is continuously cleaned. This treats indoor air several times, reducing the number of harmful particles, such as (ultra) fine dust, soot, pollen and other allergens, to virtually zero.

For other heavily used areas, such as coffee shops, hotel rooms and smoking areas, different size systems are available. For common chambers dimensions, we developed the Merlin, a stylish device which will purify your air and will decorate your establishment.