Serving different Industries

  • Commercial Building: Deliver significant energy saving up to 20% and support your effort to achieve corporate BREEAM® and LEED® credits. Improve indoor air quality which is often the cause of “Sick Building Syndrome” symptom and Building Related Illnesses (BRI) which leads to reduce employee absenteeism.
  • Food ProcessingEnhance food safety through mould, bacteria and virus control. Increase shelf life and reduce spoilage which leads to greater profitability and operational efficiency. Reduce product recall, brand damage and liability.
  • Health Care: Improve Indoor Air quality (IAQ) and reduce Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) by destroying thousands of airborne contaminants including mould, bacteria, germs, chemical and viruses (MRSA, C Diff, VAP). Avoid cross contamination for patients with compromised immune system.
  • Cruise: Reduce airborne spread of Norovirus through HVAC system and reduce energy consumption.
  • HospitalityDramatically improve indoor air quality for each guest room by reducing unpleasant and harmful odors associated with mould and bacterial growth. Reduce guest complaints about unpleasant odors which may result from outside air or re-circulated air within the building and increase room occupancy and revenue.
  • Military: Improve efficiency of under-performing HVAC system on board military ships in high-humidity climate and achieve HVAC energy savings up to 20%.
  • Government: Help government prevent airborne pandemic threats such as H1N1, SARs, H5N1 from spreading through HVAC systems.