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Dust emissions from any production process, harmful or not, must be controlled. Not only for the workplace’s air quality, but also in terms of emissions to the atmosphere.

ENS Europe’s technical solutions can suppress coarse, fine and ultrafine dust and odor emissions from your production process or air environment. It is possible to install as a complete solution, or as separate modules. Thanks to the technology’s absence of conventional filtering techniques, the system combines a constant high efficiency with a minimal pressure loss.

Emission reduction
With our air dedusting process solutions, it is possible to reduce your emissions. Large air volumes may be treated at a high rate against (harmful) substances and, if required, odors. The Titan range, suitable for large air volumes, starts from 15,000 m3/h, whereas for small air volumes the Aufero range is the most suitable. Both systems can be installed on any existing ventilation system without problems and may be equipped with an automatic dust removal and extraction system.
Particles and combustion
fumes In production plants where people are employed, such as wood, stone and metal processing industry, certain production processes can release dust or combustion fumes. This pollutes the indoor air with harmful, breathable airborne substances to which employees are exposed to. The Aufero range can clean your indoor air and ambient emissions. This system offers the lowest power consumption in the market and a very easy and simple maintenance protocol.

The treatment of airborne dust emissions directly at its source is also possible, transforming harmful dust into innocuous dust before it spreads from the source. Air dedusting treatment reduces airborne dust levels, protecting your machinery, hence reducing machine breakdown time. This reduces maintenance and extends machinery life.