HVAC Surface and Airstream

Steril-Aire Products are first and best in UVC for HVAC®

Steril-Aire sets the standard for UVC for HVAC. Numerous studies have shown that the heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an amplifier, reservoir and transportation mode for mould and bacteria throughout a building.  These biologicals have also been linked to hospital acquired infections as well as Sick Building Syndrome and allergy and asthma triggers.

Steril-Aire UVC solutions are independently verified to outperform our competition in the demanding environment of an HVAC system. Steril-Aire UVC Emitters deliver the highest output in the industry—9 microwatts per linear inch of glass measured from a distance of 1 meter—independently tested at an air velocity of 400 feet per minute at 50º F. Steril-Aire HVAC surface and air solutions deliver up to six times the output of other UVC devices, have up to double the product lifecycle, and consume less energy.


Model DE (Dual Ended) Series UVC Emitters™:

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For medium-to-large and built-up AHUs

Model DE (dual-ended) fixtures may be mounted singly, in built-up banks or in parallel configurations in a variety of locations, including coils, drain pans, ductwork, mixed air plenums and exhaust systems.

The DE Series is available in six lengths (18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ , 42″ and 62″) and four voltage options (115, 208, 230 or 277 Vac), providing installation flexibility to accommodate virtually any system.

Model SE (Single Ended) Series UVC Emitters™:

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For interior installed fan coils, heat pumps, unit ventilator, packaged AHUs, terminal units and ductwork

Steril Aires’ single-ended Emitters provide a very high output germicidal light source for HVAC systems. Steril-Aire SE Series  fixtures install from the exterior of HVAC equipment, making them ideal for germicidal sites that are difficult to access.

These germicidal lamps are easily installed by making a one-inch hole in the equipment wall and/or duct, and then simply mounting the fixture to the unit exterior. Only the lamp or tube penetrates into the system, while the power supply remains external.

These germicidal lamp Emitters are ideal for fan coils, heat pumps, unit ventilators, terminal units and ductwork. Choose from six tube lengths (16″, 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 42″) and four voltage options (115, 208, 230 or 277 Vac.)

Steril-Aire Single-Ended NEMA 4X (SEN Series):

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For exterior units- rooftop units, AHUs, heat pumps, fan coils, packaged terminal units and ducts

Installed from the exterior of rooftop A/C units or ductwork, they are ideal for difficult to access outdoor sites. By creating two 1″ holes in the equipment wall and mounting the fixture, the devices may be installed vertically or horizontally. Only the lamp or tube penetrates into the system, while the power supply remains external. Choose from eight tube lengths (12″,16″, 20″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 61″) and four voltage options (115, 208, 230 or 277V.)


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Those have long presented an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) challenge because many are equipped with low-efficiency filters that do not effectively capture infectious disease contaminants or mould.

The Cassette kit provides a practical and effective solution using UVC technology. Emitters are installed across the indoor coil in the Cassette, emitting high output UVC energy, to eliminate surface contaminants and reduce airborne microbial contaminants.

Delivers an average of 2.5 times the output of competitive UVC products at HVAC operating temperatures, for 3-4 times longer life and more reliable germicidal control