hvac military installation, E-Co

Military Installations

Our Steril-Aire Ultraviolet “C” Systems for HVAC are approved by the MoD and NATO

hvac military installation, E-Co

Military installations demands on HVAC systems are some of the toughest in the world – and never more so than on warships where combat ready crews need to be supplied with high quality air for peak alertness and response, regardless of ambient conditions.

The Royal Navy requires that warship HVAC systems function at optimum efficiency and effectiveness at all times, putting big emphasis on preventative maintenance.

But this can be challenging due to operational disruption, downtime, system accessibility, and the intrusive use of traditional chemical and mechanical cleaning methods.

The Royal Navy and their engineering experts, BAE, concluded that the installation of UVC:

  • Provides a robust and sustainable solution, helping to keep warship HVAC systems in optimum operational condition 24/7/365 – mechanically and thermally efficient, reliable and highly destructive to pathogens.
  • Obviates the need for chemical and mechanical cleaning of cooling coils
  • Widens the interval between preventative maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and costs.

Combining the highest performing Steril-Aire™ UVC technology with experienced and skilled professionals, we help with the installations of military HVAC upgrades by MoD contractors.

Our UVC for HVAC solutions can help:

  • Decrease operating costs: Reduce energy and fuel consumption by means of improvement in HVAC system heat exchange and increased net cooling capacity.
  • Reduce maintenance costs for HVAC units.
  • Improve HVAC system performance and reinstate it to design performance.
  • Reduce the risk of HVAC equipment failure at sea.
  • Deliver better indoor air quality by destroying bacteria, viruses and mould, strengthening ships’ resilience to spread of infection.
  • Improve and maximise HVAC performance in extreme tropical conditions.

Maritime Transportation Case studies:

  • Read how the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy have installed Steril-Aire™ UVC technology on 12 vessels and saved £8 million in maintenance cost over the life of the vessels. Download here

Our NATO part numbers are

4460-01-643-1909  G711
6250-01-643-1908  G711
4460-01-643-1920  G711
5340-01-643-1919  G711

4460-01-643-1923  G711
6130-01-643-1913  G711
4460-01-643-8739  G711

5340-01-643-1916  G711
5340-01-643-1911  G711
5340-99-427-2662  G711