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Health Care

Health Care, E-Co

Hospitals and Health Care facilities (Clinics, Laboratories, Hospices, Senior Facilities and Medical offices) are the second most energy-intensive building sector in the UK because they are open 24 hours a day and have extra commitment on air filtration and circulation and air cooling. As a result, operating cost savings alone can have a notable impact on your bottom line, which is why energy savings should be a top priority.

Combining the highest performing Steril-Aire™ UVC (ultraviolet-C) technology with experienced and skilled professionals, we help you implement clean and energy efficient HVAC upgrade (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) across your hospital or health care facilities.

Our UVC Health Care solution will help you:

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduce Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) for patients and caregivers by destroying thousands of airborne contaminants including fungal pathogens, bacteria, germs, chemical and viruses (MRSAC Diff, VAP).
  • Prevent airborne infections transmitted via ventilation and HVAC (air conditioning systems).
  • Increase Building/Asset Value: Support your environmental and sustainability effort to achieve corporate BREEAM® and/or LEED® credits. BREEAM® certified building performed better than the market with regards to transaction prices.
  • Decrease Operating Costs: Reduce HVAC energy consumption  by 15-20% through HVAC system heat transfer improvements and increased net cooling capacity.  Achieve considerable HVAC maintenance savings by reducing or eliminating coil cleaning programs. No more HVAC downtime during maintenance.
  • Health Care, E-Co

We work with your Infection Prevention and Control team to tackle health care acquired infections and reduce your clostridium difficile, VAP and MRSA infection rates.

Our Steril-Aire™ UVC solution is best suited for operating theatres, emergency rooms, intensive care units, isolation wards and recovery rooms.

Health Care Case Studies:

  • Please review our study at NHS Barnet into the effect of our UVC on bacterial counts. click
  • Read a study performed at the Buffalo Department of Pediatrics, Neonatology, Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo (NY) over 2.5 years. It determined that UVGI decreased HVAC microbial colonisation with significant reductions in VAP due to a decrease in NICU environmental pathogens and tracheal colonisation. click
  • Ingham Medical Centre – Bacerial Counts Before & After UVGI Application. click