Indoor air quality is important and hotel chains are catching on knowing that indoor air issues have a direct impact on guest comfort and health. A growing number of travelers, especially those from among the 5.4 million in the UK who suffer from asthma and/or allergies will no longer stay at hotels unless the guest rooms have allergy-friendly accommodations. Today’s hotel guests are more sophisticated about what type of amenities they want. Are you keeping up?

UVC Hospitality, E-Co
Step inside for a breath of fresh air in your hotel room

Our UVC Hospitality solution will help you:

  • Create a competitive advantage and differentiate your hotel by attracting new health conscious guest with better indoor air quality, free of mould, bacteria or viruses. Create an allergy friendly environment for your asthma and allergy prone guests. No more sneezing, stuffiness, itchy eyes, headaches, and sleepless nights!
    UVC Hospitality, E-Co
  • Improve guest retention and satisfaction: Reduce complaints about tenant comfort, air quality conditions or odours by improving your indoor air quality. Improve your guest peace of mind by providing fresh and clean indoor air so your guest can enjoy a good night sleep.
  • Improve your bottom line by increasing your revenue (REVPAR): Hotel rooms with better indoor air quality can command a premium for occupancy and rate.
  • Decrease operating costs: Reduce HVAC energy consumption by 15-20% through HVAC system heat transfer improvements and increased net cooling capacity. Achieve considerable HVAC maintenance savings by reducing or eliminating coil cleaning programs. No more HVAC downtime during maintenance.
  • Increase hotel building/asset value: Support your environmental and sustainability effort to achieve corporate BREEAM® and/or LEED®.

Our UVC for hospitality solution can help support a comprehensive decontamination approach and improve or complement existing manual methods for cleaning and disinfection of hotel rooms. In addition, most hotels offers featherless duvets and pillows or allergy friendly bed encasement as well as chemical and perfume free bath products to help allergy sufferers have a symptom-free stay.

UVC Hospitality, E-Co

Never settle for less than Steril-Aire for ultra-clean air. 

Whether you own, manage, or hold hotel properties for investment, E-CO can help you retrofit your existing HVAC system with the latest Steril-Aire™UVC technology or add a portable in-room air purification system to improve your indoor air quality. UVC Hospitality