Maintenance Savings

Our Steril Aire™ UVC (Ultra Violet C) solution eliminates cooling coil cleaning and increases ductwork maintenance intervals.

Air conditioning cooling coils are expensive and often are impossible to clean. Mechanical cleaning methods are not effective and significantly reduce the life of coils. Cleaning is costly and largely ineffective because mechanical methods don’t clean the deep interior of the coil resulting in the equipment fouling up within weeks of cleaning and reducing A/C efficiency by up to 20%

, E-CoOur UVC solution offers:

  • Perpetual sterilized cooling coils 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and never require cleaning again or HVAC downtime.
  • Significant cost savings over existing cleaning methods (chemicals and disinfectants) and maintenance practices.
  • Can returns older HVAC systems back to “as specified”  performance.
  • Retrofit into any coil types from large rooftop systems to splits, cassettes and fan coils.

, E-Co

Case studies:

  • Learn how the Florida Hospital eliminated 200 coil cleanings per year.(Cost per coil cleaning can range anywhere from $500/£328 (for a two person, four-hour job, including labor and material) to $6,000/£3,950 for a “problem” coil requiring more extensive cleaning. click here
  • Discover how Auckland Airport saved $80,000/£52,000 per year in HVAC maintenance. click here
  • Learn about Non-Mechanical Method For Duct Cleaning: “UVC lights are an excellent option because they offer an effective non-polluting and permanent way to clean ductwork of microbial contamination” click here