LED / UVC Automated Disinfection

In hybrid UVC disinfection / LED lighting SunCleanTM Lighting is the global champion. The three-fold use of surface disinfection, air purification and lighting is made possible by the sequence of unparalleled health-protecting devices. With 99 percent disinfection rate—no pollutants, no residual contaminants or excess radiation. The technology is operated with a built-in radar sensor for the detection of movement in the room.

LED / UVC intelligent systems

LED / UVC intelligent systems offer the best method of keeping surfaces safe & clean

LED UVC Panel Light

UVC LED Downlights

The first panel light in the world which disinfects! The light panel provides three-in-1; disinfection, illumination, automation. Simply installing “plug and play” without any other wiring or switches to eliminate 99.99 percent of germs.
With its military radar sensor, these LED UVC light panels provide superior protection.

LED UVC Elevator Sanitiser

Confined areas such as lifts provide a high potential for both airborne and cross-contamination at contact points. Not only can SunClean Elevator Sanitizers disinfect the air in the lift, but all textures and contact points will be disinfected as well.

Microscope showing evidence that the UVC kills pathogens

LED UVC Bulb Lights & Disinfection Mode

Door Handle Automated Disinfection