Our UVC for HVAC technology can be installed and easily retro fitted into your existing or new HVAC or ventilation system. We offer a wide range of UVC Emitter in a range of proprietary types & lengths depending upon your needs and location of HVAC (Rooftop vs Inside).

Your E-CO engineer will site survey, model, configure and size the correct UVC equipment for your HVAC system, and  we will recommend the optimum location to install our UVC arrays to achieve maximum results for minimum investment.  Keep in mind that in order for UVC to be effective in destroying biological contaminants in the moving air-stream, there has to be a specified dose of UVC power delivered to the contaminant for an effective kill to take place.

, E-CoThe UVC system is fitted inside HVAC systems of any size or design from splits, cassettes & fan coils to AHUs of any size. The UVC lamp system is custom made to fit precisely for your coil configuration so that the short wavelenghth UVC light shines on the coil surfaces and penetrates the complete depth of the coil. We ensure it’s completely safe and there is no UVC exposure to your staff.

A separate 240 volt power supply close to each AHU or fan coil will be needed. In addition, some interlock work and adequate space might be necessary to properly install the UVC emitters.