Bi-Polar Ionisation

Ions in the Air
 Ion charged molecules or atoms contained in nature, survive between 30~300 seconds. The ion density ranges from 900~1100 negative ions and 1000~1200 positive ions per cubic centimeter (/cm3 ion) in the “fresh air” On the top of a mountain, by the sea we usually experience 500 negative ions and 600 positive ions per cubic centimeter [ion /cm3], and in the city ion levels fall by 80% to 95%. The ion measurement in offices are so small, there aren’t enough ions in the air to clean it effectively, therefore this encourages the breeding and spread of bacteria & viruses.

The system is a proactive, natural purification process that produces no harmful ozone or chemicals and requires no maintenance. Once installed, it functions automatically purifying the air of pathogens.  

Bi-Polar Ionisation, E-Co

Air purification itself exists in nature. Our air ionisation process simply imitates nature, and according to the different indoor environments we have developed a complete range of product solutions. The ion concentration in nature is 800 per cubic centimetre, made up of 400 positive and 400 negative ions. We can re-create this natural phenomenon using our artificial ionisation technique, and maintain the concentration of ions at the correct level to make the air safe to breathe.