In-Ceiling UVC Disinfection

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There is increasing evidence that admission to a hospital room previously occupied by a patient with certain hospital pathogens including C. difficile, MRSA, and Acinetobacter increases the risk of the subsequent room occupant acquiring the pathogens. So it is not surprising that hospitals are looking for new ways to keep patients and high touch environmental surfaces safe and free of contaminants. UVC technologies are gaining acceptance among an arsenal of infection prevention tools.

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In-Ceiling UV-C disinfection for critical healthcare environment

In-Ceiling UV-C disinfection system wield lethal weapons against pathogens in operating rooms.

Ceiling-mounted Steril-Aire’s UVC devices can:

  1. Stop surface pathogens (MRSA, C.Difficile, VRE) that routinely compromise health care environment.
  2. Disinfect and decontaminate operating and emergency rooms “after-hours”.  In addition, disinfection can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes assuring a rapid turnover and low disruption of patient flow.
  3. Control and reduce healthcare associated infections (HAIs), which mean fewer post-operation procedures, death or repeated procedures or lower cost to hospitals and insurance companies.
  4. Help support a comprehensive decontamination approach and improve or complement existing manual application methods for cleaning and disinfection.
  5. Improve patient outcome and quality of care.

While not meant to replace existing cleaning protocols,  ceiling-mounted Steril-Aire’s UVC devices can help support a comprehensive decontamination approach and improve or complement existing manual application methods for cleaning and disinfection.  Recent studies suggest that that UVC disinfection may be more effective when used after traditional cleaning protocols. Therefore, cleaning must remain an important part of terminal room disinfection.


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  • Operating rooms
  • Emergency rooms
  • Decontamination rooms
  • High Risk patient rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Isolation rooms


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Recessed UV-C

  • It uses UVC spectrum of ultraviolet light to penetrate cell walls of microorganisms, damaging DNA to prevent replication. UVC light is a proven disinfection technology-given the appropriate intensity and/or exposure time to achieve adequate UV dose.
  • The In-Ceiling UVC disinfection system is evenly and strategically spaced in the ceiling for maximum coverage to eliminate shadowing and deliver pathogen-lethal UV dose.
  • The UVC-sterilized operating rooms are equipped with motion detectors and contact detectors in the doors to ensure the doors are closed and the rooms unoccupied when the UVC  lights are operating.


E-CO can equip your hospital with two and sometimes even three layers of Steril-Aire’s UVC protection

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The life span of our Steril Aire’s UVC Emitters® operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in an HVAC systems,  is roughly 9,000 hours or one year.  If you are only using the emitters in the operating and procedure rooms 5 days a week for a maximum of 8 hours per day, you can anticipate a 4 year life span.



Zero hospital-acquired infections is almost unheard of.  Yet, Muskogee has achieved that thanks in part to its innovative use of ultraviolet germicidal lights.  Read how Muskogee Community Hospital has taken the technology to the next level and installed UVC lights to sterilize its seven operating rooms (ORs) and procedure rooms every night. [wpdm_file id=64]