winter vomiting bug, E-Co

Travel industry could lead the fight against winter vomiting bug

winter vomiting bug, E-Co

This winter recorded cases of norovirus hit record levels in the UK and the travel industry, in particular, has faced criticism of the spread of this virus amongst its customers.

Whilst it may seem unfair that the industry is expected to be immune to the winter vomiting bug, perhaps the industry does have a responsibility to go a step further than most to investigate and act on the preventative measures at its disposal.

Hillary Spicer, Founder of E-CO said: “Clearly the current methods of tackling norovirus are unsuccessful, so there is now an opportunity for the industry to take notice of available technology and lead the way and fight the spread of this and other viruses by taking long term preventative action.

“There are very simple technologies that kill any virus or bacteria 24 hours a day. Used in commercial buildings across the globe it fits into existing heating and air conditioning systems of all sizes or can be simply plugged into a wall.”

During the SARs outbreak in 2003 the Chinese government standardised this type of technology for all public building and transportation systems as it intercepts and kills viruses and bacteria before they infect people.

Hillary added: “For the travel industry, taking this type of preventative action is not just about doing the right thing by its’ customers, it also makes commercial sense. The results of our product speak for themselves.”